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Little Duck Wartime: The Ghoul Returns

Little Duck is a SolarisUnited operative introduced in the events of WARTIME: Ghoul graphic novel series. Later, she became the head of The Merchants, a position she held for the remainder of the WARTIME series.

Throughout her long history with SolarisUnited, Duck has faced a number of threats from the forces of evil. In WARTIME: The Ghoul, she encountered two ghouls, one of which killed her; and another who escaped with the body of her closest friend. Her relationship with the Ghoul was short-lived, as he tried to take over her life, using her as a pawn in his campaign. In the end, he betrayed her and turned on his friends. The Merchants did their part in putting down this threat, however, killing the Ghoul in a daring raid. Duck escaped with her life, though.

Duck joined SolarisUnited when the U-Men’s mission to find The Merchant’s Master had been successful. The U-Men, in conjunction with The Merchants, had succeeded in defeating the demonic forces that invaded Earth.

Little Duck Wartime: The Ghoul Returns

In order to continue the alliance between SolarisUnited and The Merchants, the leader of SolarisUnited ordered Duck to take a position on their Council. A new threat was appearing in Earth, threatening its existence. This new force was called the Butcher Faction. The Butcher Faction, as it turned out, was an army of vampires, led by a vampire named John Constantine, who possessed the power to take over human hosts and steal their powers.

The Butcher Faction had a number of soldiers under their command who could take over hosts and steal their powers. The U-Men and the Merchant knew this was a potential problem. The U-Men sent by the Merchant to capture one of the leaders of the Butcher Faction, but the plan backfired when the Butcher returned. He murdered the Merchant and stole her identity, and forced her to leave with him. Before they could return her to her own people, however, the U-Men caught up with them and killed the Butcher.

After this incident, the U-Men allowed the Butcher Faction to operate freely, though they made sure that any members they acquired were loyal to the Merchant. The U-Men soon discovered that the Merchant was working with one of their own members, and decided to track him. They discovered that The Merchant was the one responsible for the Ghoul’s death.

However,Little Duck they were unable to capture the Merchant, because he killed them both. Fortunately, the Ghoul, having escaped the Butcher Faction, managed to escape and return. However, in WARTIME: The Ghoul Returns, Little Duck returns from the dead and joins up with the U-Men, where they help her defeat her killer once and for all.